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Muarah Audio Mr. Black

Hifi choice award for Muarah Audio Mr. Black

Mr. Black Turntable is a classic construction in its overall shape, and on the other hand, its quite unique in detail. The idea of a weighty platter turntable, seated on relatively lightweight base frame, with use of a coil springs suspension, is for us very familiar due to multiple reasons. It’s hard to overrate damping ability of vibrations coming from drive motor or environment, that is offered by this sort of suspension. Moreover, resemblance of automotive technology is ideally fitting in our taste. The problem is, that considering majority of well known hi-end constructions of that type, such solution reveals one, but important weakness: even smallest thrown off heavy platter balance, leads to severe and sustained oscillation of entire suspended weight. This has two negative consequences: first, it badly affects operation of the entire tonearm and phono cartridge suspension system, occasionally causing vinyl groove skipping. Second, the problem appears usually during needle placement on the vinyl record surface, which causes some discomfort, and in some cases may even lead to damage of the fragile and pricey phono cartridge. Therefor, we decided to make step forward in the direction of suspensions, well proven in the automotive industry, and created turntable with suspension dampening system. Damping is achieved thanks to properly fitted oil shock-absorber, that is our own patented construction. Thanks to this particular solution, even heavily triggered platter oscillation is suppressed nearly immediately.

For even more robust platter isolation from motor vibration or harmful impulses from environment, the base frame is built of two layers of acrylic glass, separated by thin layer of silicone. The suspension has contact only with the upper layer, and the drive motor as well as three adjustable legs of the turntable are fastened with the lower acrylic panel. The platter is fabricated from solid aluminum and covered with thin layer of acrylic coat, it’s heavy mass guarantees great rpm stability. Muarah Turntable in standard configuration is offered with support for SME, Jelco or Rega tonearms – according to customer’s preferences. It is also possible to fit in any other 9-inch tonearm. Optional, dedicated 650g record clamp is also available.

Choice of technology makes the Muarah turntable exceptionally noiseless, thus offering the highest possible dynamic range of sound reproduced from the analogue record. Demanding customers are invited to meet face to face with Muarah turntable.

Platter weight 8 kg
Turntable total weight 18 kg
Width 47,5 cm
Length 40 cm
Height (without record clamp and tonearm) 20 cm
Platter height 4 cm
Record speed 33 1/3 RPM / 45 RPM, manual change
Drive AC synchronous motor, belt drive
Power supply 230V, 50Hz

Muarah Audio Mr. Black