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Over Larsen

At Larsen´s we have strong traditions in speaker construction – our company has been building them since the early eighties with the ideas from the great Swedish loudspeaker designer – Stig Carlsson. When we launched the Larsen Speakers brand name in 2007 all the products have been designed by John Larsen and Anders Eriksson. Anders work in formalising Stigs ideas using modern psychoacoustical theories and his own computer models of speakers and it's integration with the room have made it possible to produce more optimized speakers with higher sound quality.

The sound of Larsen is to mimic the real world. When a good recording is played the timbre of it should be perceived as in reality. If a recording is done in a church it should sound as a church. If it's made in a studio it should sound as in a studio. Some speakers add focus in a way we consider a bit unreal. We like the more natural focus you have in the real world and that is a big part of the sound of our speakers. As a bonus this gives a wider sweetspot – almost as in the real world.

When it comes to our products you don't have to worry that they will be out of date in a year. We work continuously in developing them but when they are ready they will last for several years. And after that, if necessary, we can provide upgrades for all the speakers John Larsen has produced since the early eighties. We believe in evolution and not revolution when it comes to our products. The world doesn't need to be reinvented every 6 months.

Larsen's products are designed to have a fairly small environmental footprint. Most components are produced locally in Scandinavia. The approach to make the speaker almost completely integrated with the front wall and the room increases the efficiency and makes it possible to have e deeper bass from a smaller box. All that knew Stig as early as the mid sixties. Timeless engineering in a essence which we are proud to take to the future for your listening experience.

We make our products as functional as possible so you don't have to worry about it – Just Add Music!