Suspiro Phono Versterker

Odyssey Audio Suspiro Phono Versterker

The Suspiro Phono Stereo Preamp is a Moving Coil / Moving Magnet (MC/MM) Preamp.
It has been designed using the best current technologies for frequency response, linearity, low noise, very low distortion and low output impedance.
It conforms to the established current RIAA specifications.
Falls in line with the rest of the Odyssey Audio design product by offering high-end audiophile performance.
Special en careful attention has been given by using only first class quality parts components currently
available to the point of hand matching components to less than 0.5% in the critical RIAA network!

This design is based on two independent gain stages using wide-bandwidth FET (Difet) operational amplifiers.
These FET based amplifiers (two per channel) provide excellent sound quality and speed for exceptional
audio performance. This phono Preamp is highly configurable on both input loading impedances and
capacitance by internal switches.

Overall Specifications

Phono Preamp Type                     RIAA – Moving Coil / Moving Magnet (MC/MM)
Gain MC                                       40dB - 46dB – 54dB – 60dB
Input Impedance MC                   50 – 100 – 1K – 47K ohms
Input Capacitance MM                100 – 250pf
Input Impedance MM                  47K ohm
Output Impedance                        < 1K ohm
Frequency Response                    20Hz - >50kHz
RIAA Specification                        +/- 1dB from 28Hz to 25kHz
Inputs / Outputs                           Two RCA
Mains Input Voltage                     120/240VAC (50Hz/60Hz)

Note: We will provide custom input impedance load resistor upon request.