Odyssey Audio | Kismet

Kismet Reference Amplifiers

With our Kismet Reference Amplifiers we have achieved a massive improvement over our Stratos line of amplifiers. Kismet is a result of over 3 years of tweaking and development with fanatical detail to parts quality and internal measuring and matching of components, and not to mention all these hours of listening …. The case design of all of our Kismet line are completely billet machined out of aircraft aluminum, and each case requires a minimum of 13 hours of machining time alone. Add another 10 hours + for all hand labor to complete each amplifier, and one can see that this is indeed the result of a labor of love affair.

The achievements of Kismet in pure emptions, true three-dimensionality, and fast, dynamic representations without grain, harshness or fatigue are very rare at any price. Then again, we were able to base the Kismet amp on the Stratos and Khartago amplifier designs...

As with all Odyssey gear, it is 100 % hand made in the USA. 23 hours + to complete each amplifier, this is indeed the result of a labor of love affair.

Key Features:
- Ultra fast and ultra expensive Symphonic Line Caps
- Stereo version 2 x 160W / 8 Ω
- Mono version 1 x 200W + 1 x 200W / 8 Ω
- Ultra high current designs
- 19" x 19" x 6"
- 60 lbs each / 27 kg each