Iovita Hybride amp

Haiku Audio Iovita Hybride amp

Iovita is the latest design of the Haiku-Audio summarizing our previous experience in the design of hybrid amplifiers. It is an amplifier with a relatively high output working without negative feedback. Input selector uses a hermetically sealed relays with gold-plated signal contacts mounted on a printed circuit board with gold-plated paths. Volume control makes the classic "navy" ALPS potentiometer. All of voltage gain is provided by the lamp ECC832, while the power stage consists of industrial HEX-FET transistors.

Despite the high output power amplifier large part it reflects the class A. This solution resulted in the need for huge radiators with a height of 165mm, which occupy both sides of the housing.

ECC832 lamp is a rare sight in audio equipment. Classic duotriody (lamps family ECC 6SN7 etc.) Comprise two identical within the triode. Often the quality of the lamp of the alignment features of both halves. In ECC832 The situation is different, as it contains two completely different triode. This is dedicated to the lamp circuits non-symmetrical, each half of the tube has to perform a different task in the amplifier. First, delicate, low current anode is charged with dynamic current source, allowing it to achieve maximum gain and work in the most linear range. The second, much more powerful, is already working with a large signal and is designed to actuate the difficult burden, which is robust transistor stage. Until recently ECC832 lamps were hardly available and their quality left much to be desired, and the recently-released JJ ECC832 Gold version, which can be successfully used in the equipment of the highest quality. Amplifier hybrid asymmetrical design turned out to be perfect.

Ioviţă has seven separate power supplies, and each of them is individually stabilized. Grades are supplied separately transistor each channel separately parts lamp. Also, a glow lamp has received a separate voltage stabilization for each channel. The seventh power supply control processor supports inputs and relay switching on and off all the sections in the correct order.

Most electrolytic capacitors Nichicon is, in the most important points in the system with Audiophile Gold Series. The biggest major power capacitors are Jamicon, which if necessary can provide a powerful dose of the current arrangement.

As in the conventional amplifiers SET not applied negative feedback.


  • Lamps: 2x-JJ ECC832 Gold
  • Power output (8Ω): 60W
  • Output power (4Ω) 110W
  • Frequency range (-1dB): 14Hz-52kHz
  • Frequency range (-3dB): 8 Hz-84kHz
  • Work class A / AB
  • Input Sensitivity: 600mV
  • Number of inputs: 4 pairs of RCA
  • Number of outputs: 1 pair
  • Power consumption at rest: 100W
  • Power consumption (max): 400W
  • Dimensions: 45 x 36 x 19 cm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Front panel versions: black or silver


Haiku Lovita