HS-1 Headshell Leads

DH Labs HS-1 Headshell Leads


Length: 50 mm (2 inches)
Strands: 7
Conductors: Pure Silver Litz

Attention vinyl lovers! DH Labs is proud to introduce the Silver HS-1, featuring 7 strands of pure silver in a Litz configuration. The Silver HS-1 can be used on all tonearms with removable headshells, as well as some fixed headshell arms.

At DH Labs, we often discuss the grain structures, high purity metals and other unique qualities of our cables, with special emphasis on the surface treatment of each conductor. These critical features take on added importance with the small, delicate signals emanating from a phono cartridge, and have a significant impact on the resulting sound. The superior tonal balance of the Silver HS-1 is a result of these proprietary, polished, enamel-coated conductors and our CNC-machined gold connectors, which provide a far better electrical connection than the connectors supplied with most other headshell leads.