Haiku Audio Ganymede

Ganymede preamplifier is built to individual order, so that its functionality best suited to the demands of the listener. It can be freely configured by selecting from among the four signal modules. The possibilities are really a lot of independent phono or headphone amplifier, volume control via a classic turntable with an entrance, to very sophisticated device containing all the modules simultaneously.

All versions of the chassis combines distinctive design with visible lamps, highest quality components used and the spatial installation.

1. Tube phono whose design is based on the topology of the studio microphone preamplifier Haiku nr606. ECC83 / 6N2P-EW in parallel make very low noise and distortion. Provides passive RIAA equalization equalizer RC using precision resistors capacitors, metalized and rolled selected. Phono module, like the others, is built spatial installation technique and is not covered by any feedback. All grades work in class A. Model designed inserts MC is additionally provided with dedicated coupling transformers OEP known for high quality studio equipment.

2. Volume control, which is based on high-quality switching potentiometer. It is a 24-position switch on the silver terminals, the switching precision resistors metal. This solution allows to obtain the perfect balance between the channels, regardless of volume, and noise-free operation for many years, the benefits unattainable for traditional carbon potentiometers. Alignment channels is better than 0.5dB across the control range.

3. Tone control amplifier Ganymede is a rare construction that uses no feedback. This arrangement provides an exceptionally natural sound pleasant to the ear and process control characteristics. Strengthening provide a lamp ECC82 / 6N1P-EW working in class A.

4. Transistor headphone amplifier works in class A in single-ended. It is a miniature version of the power amplifier SOL-SE adapted for driving a headset in a wide range of impedance from 16 Ω to 600 Ω .

Jack inputs and outputs is a high quality Neutrik connectors.

In special versions, are used in the socket of pure silver and with remote control

Complementary to the four signal blocks are stabilized power supply, the design of which is also derived from the studio equipment. Section including glow lamp Ganymede has five independent stabilizers.